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Posted by : Inner Mongolia Mineral Experiment Research Institute
Date Posted:2013-4-23

程 泽

Position: Chief Engineer of the Analysis Center
Male, born in June 1963, Han nationality, CPC, senior engineer (professorships), finished his undergraduate study in industrial analysis from the Chengdu College of Geology July, 1986. He mainly works on X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy and accumulated rich experience.  He is the director of the Rigaku X-ray fluorescence Users Society, member of the Inner Mongolia large instruments collaborative public network, academic leader of rock testing in the Inner Mongolian Research Center of Geoanalysis.
Academic Achievements:
Determination of Light-Heavy Rare Earth Elements in Minerals by X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry, Proceedings of Chinese neo-confucianism XRF spectrum users and many other papers published in the national core journals. X-ray fluorescence spectrometry determination of trace elements in human body fluids accepted by the British analysis Chemical Abstracts AA excerpts; ICP-AES determination of nine kinds of trace elements in milk won the third prize in the autonomous region fourth annual natural science academic paper, and was simultaneously added to the book “developing modern agriculture and animal husbandry, improving the construction of new socialist countryside and pastoral areas”.


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