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Zhu Jingjing
Posted by : Inner Mongolia Mineral Experiment Research Institute
Date Posted:2012-8-26


Position:Project Director of Geological Exploration Company
   Male, born in August 1983, Han nationality, party member of CPC, assistant engineer, graduated from Jilin University in July 2008, majoring in exploration technology and engineering ( hydrogeology and environmental geology), college degree; mainly engaged in geological exploration,hydrogeological, engineering geological and environmental geological investigation.
Academic Achievements:
   Analysis on Mutual Response of Water Property of the New Licheng Reservoir, Climate and Human Activities was published in the China Environmental Management Series; participated in field work and report preparation for Reconnaissance Survey for the Coal of Ailaiwukugou, Dongsheng Coalfield, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region; participated in geochemical exploration, anomaly inspection, hydrogeological, engineering geological and environmental geological investigation for metallic minerals in many areas such as Chifeng, Xilinguolemeng and Wulanchabumeng of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region,, Kunlun mountain and Tianshan Mountain of Xinjiang.. 


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