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Shuang Long
Posted by : Inner Mongolia Mineral Experiment Research Institute
Date Posted:2012-8-26


Position:Director of the Production & Technology Department of IMME Zambia Company
   Male, born in September 1985, Daur Nationality, assistant engineer; graduated from Inner Mongolia Agricultural University in July 2007, majoring in plant protection, college degree; graduated from Inner Mongolia Agricultural University in July 2010, majoring in agricultural insect and pest control ( biological control direction), master's degree; undertook and completed the No.948 project of the National Forestry Administration, with rich experience on geochemical exploration analysis technology and laboratory quality management.
Academic Achievements:  
   Many of his theses such as Simultaneous Determination of Arsenic and Mercury in Regional Geochemical Prospecting Samples Using AFS- 2202E Type Dual Channel Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer Photometer, Measuring Carbonate and Bicarbonate Radicals In Natural Base Using the Automatic Potentiometric Titration Method, Virulence and anti-ultraviolet ability of two strains of Bacillus thuringiensis to Dendrolimus superans were published in periodicals such as Western Resources Forest Pest and Disease; won the honorary title of Quality Pacemaker awarded by the Mineral Experiment Research Institute in 2009


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