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Shen Hongtao
Posted by : Inner Mongolia Mineral Experiment Research Institute
Date Posted:2012-8-26


Position:Deputy General Manager and Chief Financial Officer of IMME Mongolia Company
   Male, born in July 1978, Han nationality, party member of CPC, accountant; graduated from Inner Mongolia University in July 1999, majoring in accounting, junior college degree; graduated from China University of Geosciences in July 2005, majoring in land resources management, undergraduate degree; graduated from Central University of Finance and Economics in July 2011 majoring in accounting, master's degree; with rich experience in company finance management
Academic Achievements:
   Be honored as advanced individual of Inner Mongolia Mineral Experiment Research Institute for many times; many of his theses were published in Inner Mongolia Statistics , Western Resources and other periodicals; He won the honorary title of Excellent Managerial Personnel awarded by the Mineral Experiment Research Institute in 2010


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