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Mao Huaren
Posted by : Inner Mongolia Mineral Experiment Research Institute
Date Posted:2012-8-13


Position:Assistant Chief Engineer for geology of the institute and the company
   Male, born in January 1962, Han nationality, party member of CPC, senior engineer; graduated from Nanjing Geological School in 1984, majoring in geological survey, junior college degree; with outstanding achievements on copper polymetal ore prospecting; academic pacemaker in the geological exploration and research field in the Mineral Experiment Research Institute
Academic Achievements:
   Many of his theses such as Stratigraphic Geochemistry of Permian Strata in the Central Da Hinggan Mountains and its Metallogenic Significance, Mineralization Characteristics and Significance of Study on the Formation of Early Late Permian in the Southeastern Part of Inner Mongolia, Geological Features and Ore Prospecting Significance Discussion on the Coal in Surrounding Areas of Xinganling Maoniuhai Coalfield in Inner Mongolia were published in chinese core journals such as Western Resources, Inner Mongolia Science Technology & Economy. He was awarded the May 1 Labor Medal by Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in 2012; He won the honorary title of Excellent Employee awarded by the Mineral Experiment Research Institute in 2010 and 2011 respectively


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