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Li Xianfeng
Posted by : Inner Mongolia Mineral Experiment Research Institute
Date Posted:2012-8-13


Positions: Deputy Director of the Institute, Deputy General Manager of the company, General Manager of IMME Mongolia Company
   Female, born in November 1966, Han nationality, Party member of CPC, senior engineer, graduated from the Chemistry Department of Inner Mongolia University in July 1988 majoring in chemistry, college degree; graduated from Inner Mongolia University in 1998 majoring in organic chemistry, master's degree. Senior engineer for rock and mineral testing, with rich experience on atomic absorption and polarograph etc., academic pacemaker in rock and mineral testing in the Mineral Experiment Research Institute
Academic Achievements:
   Analysis report on many projects such as The 61 Hectare in Adjacent Areas of Hebei and Inner Mongolia-Hadongguoxiao Project was honored as Best Quality by the expert group of China Geological Survey; Ore Dressing Technological Transformation Study for Some Gold Mine, the Impact of Annealing Technique on Structure Properties of Forging State Iron-base Alloy, 15 Kinds of Rare Earth Elements Measured Using the Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrograph won the 3rd class prize of the sixth physical science academic annual conference; many of her theses were published on chinese core journals such as Chemical Analysis and Chinese Journal of Applied Chemistry; Participated in writing and review of some paragraphs of Rock and mineral. Test organized by the Chinese Society for Measurement and Testing; She was honored as Advanced Woman Employee of the National Land and Resources System by the national committee of China Energy Chemistry Labor Union in 2007 ; she was honored as National Pacemaker Woman Employee for Making Contributions in 2009 by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions.


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