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Zhao Xibing
Posted by : Inner Mongolia Mineral Experiment Research Institute
Date Posted:2012-8-13


Positions: Party secretary and Deputy Director, deputy general manager of the institute and the company, General Manager of Gold Stone Company
  Male, born in February 1966, Han nationality, party member of CPC, a professor-level senior engineer, graduated from University of Science and Technology Beijing majoring in ore dressing in July 1988, university degree; graduated from Jilin university majoring in mineral prospecting and exploration in 2003, master's degree. He is mainly engaged in ore-dressing test studies, mineral development, mine production, operation and management . He has rich experience on mine production and operation as well as management. He is an expert of the expert database of the Ministry of Land and Resources and an academic leader of the field of dressing & smelting technical study.
Academic Achievements:
  Inner Mongolia Bainaimiao Gold Deposit Tailings Ten-thousand Ton Granulation Heap Leaching Test won the 3rd class scientific and technological achievement award of the original Ministry Of Geology and Mineral Resources; Inner Mongolia Low Grade Gold Ore Heap Leaching Experimental Study Report won the fourth class research result award of the original Ministry Of Geology and Mineral Resources; The 50 tons/day ore dressing plant design of Wulanbulang Gold Mine, Baotou City, Inner Mongolia made outstanding contributions to mining development of Inner Mongolia Geological Exploration Bureau; The Ore-dressing Test Study of Some Oxidized Lead-zinc Mine in Inner Mongolia won the first-class thesis award of the Third Youth Academic Forum;  Study on Comprehensive Utilization of Gold, Silver and Copper from Tailings of Copper Mine Dressing Plants and Application of the Improved Cupellation in Precious Metal Smelting in Some Place in Inner Mongolia won the second class thesis award of the Third Youth Academic Forum; many papers were published on national core journal and academic seminars such as Multipurpose Utilization of Mineral Resources and Mine; He was honored as Promising Young People of 1997-1998 by the direct-affiliated department of the autonomous region in 1998; He was awarded the honorary title of Outstanding Scientific and Technological Worker of the Land and Resources System by the national committee of China Energy Chemistry Labor Union in 2004.


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